Sara Evans has made the transition from singer to first-time novelist with the recent release of her book, 'The Sweet By and By.' She's also made the transition -- through a painful and very public divorce -- from her first marriage to her second, something which she acknowledges is an all-too-common occurence in today's society.

Informed by, but necessarily taken from her own personal experiences (her parents also divorced when she was 12 years old), the mother of three chose to tackle the subject in her novel head-on, acknowledging the difficulties created when children are involved.

"Because divorce is so prevalent in America, and in the world, I really wanted to touch on that [in the book]," Sara tells GAC in a three-part-interview.

"People who are divorcing and they have children, I wanted them to see that from [the book's main character] Jade's eyes. What it felt like to for them to hear their parents arguing. Sometimes divorce is inevitable, but if a woman reads this book, or even a man, and they fight with their spouse, that it's just so hard for the children to be in that situation, to be hearing that."

Sara also reveals that one of TV's 'Desperate Housewives,' actress Eva Longoria Parker, has given her novel a glowing review.

"She is my sweet friend," says the singer. "She and I became friends about four years ago. I asked her to read it and give me some words."

Sara is hard at work on new music due to be released this year. She says fans can expect a new single from her as early as next month.