A pair of iconic commercial jingles are being treated to updates from two country music stars, in hopes of getting more people to chew gum and eat their vegetables (though preferably not at the same time!).

Julianne Hough was in New York Tuesday for a private concert celebrating the launch of her remade jingle for Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum. Also on hand were R&B performers Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, who recorded new jingles for Wrigley's Doublemint and Big Red brands.

Also recently announced was the Libby's Vegetables campaign called 'Back to the Table,' with superstar Sara Evans lending her voice (and a touch of twang) to Libby's classic jingle: "When it says Libby's, Libby's,
Libby's on the label, label, label . . . "

Evans' jingle debuts on country music stations nationwide in September, which Libby's has designated as Get Back to the Table Month – a celebration of the social and economic benefits of family dinnertime. For a sneak preview, visit Get Back to the Table.