Sammy Kershaw is about to release a brand new album, and it's one that nearly didn't happen. The country veteran was just about to hang up his boots and stop recording altogether a few years ago, when a Johnny Paycheck song changed his whole life, along with his attitude. Feeling sorry for himself, Sammy just wasn't interested in making more music, until the words of that song spoke to him.

"This old song came on the radio called Old Violin,' Sammy tells the9513. "That's exactly how I was feeling at the time. I was an old violin to be put away never to be played again. Then it got to the last line of the song, 'We'll give our all to music and we'll give our life.' That line right then right there changed my whole life and my whole way of thinking about things. I said to myself that maybe people won't want to listen to me anymore and maybe radio won't play my stuff anymore, but I have to do some new music for me. It took me back to when I was 12 years old in a country bar singing my very first country song. Right away, I called up my producer and we began looking for new material."

The first single from Sammy's upcoming new album, 'Better Than I Used To Be,' is also the title track.

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