Sam Hunt has been on the road with Lady Antebellum's Wheels Up 2015 Tour since May, and the rising country star says that he's been learning a lot from being on the road with such a seasoned group.

"Their operation is like so much bigger than anything we have ever experienced," Hunt, who has partnered with Walmart and AXE to share exclusive performances and videos through AXE Stage Pass, tells ETonline"So [it's been great] just to kind of be around that and learn how a tour like that works and hopefully remember some of that if we're ever fortunate enough to put on a tour like that in the future."

The Wheels Up 2015 Tour will continue through the summer, with dates scheduled into September, but with all of that time on the road, Hunt has experienced one big downside: He hasn't been able to write much new music.

"A lot of artists write on the road, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet," he says. "I kind of have my little OCD wood shed at my house where everything is just right when I go write. I haven't figured [out how to] take that on the road yet ... but I do need to get on it quick because hopefully I am going to get to put out another record before too long, and I got to start working on it."

The singer recently released the music video for his new single, "House Party," which he also performed at the 2015 CMT Music Awards. Hunt co-wrote the track with Jerry Flowers and Zach Crowell.

“We didn’t want to write a party song. We wanted to try to write it from a different angle,” Hunt says, “and that’s when the girl came into play, and the homebody thing came in after that. With a song called "House Party," you’d expect it to be more about a big party, not as much about a relationship, so we tried to put a little bit of a unique twist on it.”

See a complete list of Hunt's upcoming tour dates on his website.

Sam Hunt has partnered with Walmart and AXE for exclusive performances and videos for AXE Stage Pass. Check out AXE Stage Pass to see performances of four hits, plus get an inside look at what it’s like on tour, how he developed his unique sound and more.

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