Ryan Weaver has a brand new video for his debut single, 'Crank It,' and it is quickly becoming a fan favorite. The video, which includes a guest appearance by former Motley Crue lead singer John Corabi, was a dream come true for the Florida native.

“Filming the video was an incredible experience,”  Weaver notes. “All of the people in the video are very important to me. I have a relationship with everyone involved, so being on set felt like a big party with my family and friends.”

'Crank It' is from Weaver's upcoming album, which includes three songs from legendary Nashville songwriter and producer Jeffrey Steele, who has been acting as Weaver's mentor. "Ryan's got a story to tell, a mission to accomplish and a passion for his music that can't be denied," Steele says. "And won't be."

The singer spent several years working as a helicopter pilot in the US Army while deployed in Iraq. His older brother, Aaron, who was also a Blackhawk pilot, was tragically killed in the line of duty. Only six months later, while dealing with his sadness over his sudden loss, he attended a Steele concert, and found his true calling.

“I haven’t followed the normal path of a country music artist, and it would be fair to say the path found me," Weaver explains.  "This country is the greatest country in the world, because you are free to chase your dreams no matter where you came from.  With hard work, dedication, support from family, friends and fans and a little God given talent, you can accomplish anything.”

'Crank It' is now available on both iTunes and Amazon.