On Sunday (Aug. 19), Ronnie Dunn was one of the performers at Sacramento, Calif.'s Country in the Park, and it didn't take long for the experience to leave a lasting impression with him. After taking the stage, and performing his first song, the country superstar, who was closing out the event, greeted the crowd by saying, "My name is Ronnie Dunn and I used to sing in a band called Brooks and Dunn."

But after his second song, Ronnie stopped, sniffed the air and asked the audience, "Man, is that stuff I smell legal?" after which he added "the park guys killed a skunk" (quotes via radio station KNCI's website). Ronnie had more to say about the hazy atmosphere and did so later via his Facebook page.

"We almost broke and ran after the 3rd song!" he wrote. "Thought there was a skunk loose under the stage. Someone near the stage must've had a serious case of glaucoma ... you know, it being California and all? I started craving potato chips halfway through 'Cowgirls Don't Cry.' I looked back and the drummer had a glazed look in his eyes and was holding a bag of Cheetos. The crowd was AWESOME, it was blistering hot but they hung tough and we had a great time. Thanks KNCI ... you throw one badass party."

Ronnie, who parted ways with his record label, Sony Music, earlier this summer, continues on tour. For more of his upcoming concert schedule, click here.