Reba McEntire took a turn in front of the cameras this week to film the music video for her new single, 'Turn on the Radio,' in Nashville, in spite of powerful storms, tornado warnings and technical glitches.

"We've had weather gremlins during our video shoot today," the superstar tweeted on Monday night. "Hot weather, thunderstorms, tornado warnings, even went down to the storm cellar. Oh yeah, technical difficulties with generators and camera glitches. What's happening????"

The video was shot near downtown Nashville in a century-old warehouse with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees (the heat index reportedly reached 108). Conditions were nearly as hot as the video itself, which finds the feisty redhead telling a man she is not going to take any more of his bad behavior and "showing him, for the final time, who's boss" (as reported in a press release about the video). Some vivid images jump to mind about exactly how Reba shows him!

The hot temperatures were not the only issues facing the overheated crew. Early in the evening, an electrical storm blew into the area, with numerous lightning strikes dotting Middle Tennessee. The generators were shut down, and when word spread that a tornado had touched down only a few miles from downtown Nashville and was headed straight for the video's production location, Reba and crew were sent down into the basement of the old warehouse to ride it out. The tornado dissipated and fortunately, there were no reported injuries or fatalities due to the storm.

This wasn't the first time one of Reba's videos had to be shut down because of a storm. "The last time something like this happened was on the set of the 'Does He Love You' video on Long Island," revealed Reba after the shoot. "I hope that's a good omen because 'Does He Love You' ended up being a Grammy-winning song and a great music video!"

The shoot for 'Turn on the Radio' finally wrapped at approximately 2:00 AM, and the clip should hit airwaves in the coming weeks. After a long day and night, Reba was back in the studio on Tuesday working on more songs for her forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album, which is expected to hit stores November 9.

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