The wait is almost over for Randy Houser fans counting down the days until his sophomore album, 'They Call Me Cadillac,' hits stores September 21. Last week, Randy started sharing snippets of the songs from 'Cadillac' on his website. For his latest project, Randy decided to go out on a limb with the sound and style as compared to his debut album, 'Anything Goes.' The result has the singer-songwriter fired up about what the future holds.

"The first album was kind of more geared toward trying to have radio hits," Randy tells The Boot. "This album was more written toward something I want to put in my record player. When you're listening to radio and hear the same 20 songs over and over and over, you want a break from it. Sometimes you don't want to hear something that sounds just like everything else on the radio. That's kind of what I wanted to make -- something that my buddies or the good ole boys can stick in there ... that sounds a little bit different. That's refreshing. Hopefully we got that."

"Eventually if you hear the same sounds and the same musicians and the same mixes, it will start to sound like elevator music," Randy continues. "It's just something that you hear all the time. Then it doesn't really catch your ear. I wanted to do something with instrumentation and make it a little bit different. It's cool. I'm excited about it. I love the songs, and I just really feel like this album is something that I can really, really take ownership in. It's really also the starting line of albums that I get to make that are true Randy Houser records. Hopefully they will just get better and better."

Throughout 2009, Randy dominated the country singles chart with his debut single 'Anything Goes,' and his award-nominated hit 'Boots On.' Obviously, with a second record, one goal any artist has in mind is to avoid the so-called "sophomore slump."

"Well ... hell, I still might!" Randy says with a laugh. "It's not out there yet; people might hate it. At the end of the day, the sales might be a slump, but I made a record that I like. It's hard to listen to myself, but I think it if was somebody else, I would listen to it. [laughs] I can honestly go out there and tell people to buy it because I believe in it. I think it will be cool."

Randy is gearing up to hit the road next month with Gary Allan and Jerrod Niemann. Randy's next single from 'They Call Me Cadillac' will be 'A Man Like Me,' scheduled to hit radio airwaves in September.