With less than two weeks to go until the presidential election, a number of country artists have expressed their opinions about the closely contested race. But don't look for Phil Vassar to be among those making a public statement expressing his personal choice. All Vassar will say is that he's looking for the candidate who will "telll the truth and not just say stuff to get themselves elected."

"As far as campaigns go, I never really wanna get involved in that. I just think it's silly," Vassar tells Dial-Global. "I think a lot of celebrities do it just because they think it's cool and everybody thinks it's hip to be supporting this candidate or that candidate. And I just think in the end they look like idiots. I'm really disappointed ... especially when I see some of my heroes back a candidate. I say, 'You know what? That's great. Just make good music.'"

And while some have pegged Vassar's hit song, 'This Is My Life,' as political, he disagrees. "No, it's not political. It says right there in the song that I don't give a crap about politics, and I don't."