Phil Vassar's recent concert for the Miller Home, a facility for at-risk teenage girls in the singer's hometown of Lynchburg, Va. has been a lifesaver for the charity in tough economic times. The father of two daughters says the experience has led him to adopt the home as his personal charity from now on.

"It's been a highlight of my career, both professionally and personally," Phil tells tells WSET-TV. "If this is the only concert I ever do every year eventually, that is fine with me. I think it is something I will always want to do."

Stacy Garrett, Miller Home Executive Director, says the value of Phil's contributions to the home cannot be overstated. "A savior, at this point, would be an excellent word to describe him, absolutely. We've put in a line item now for Phil Vassar events. So when you are adding up dollars and cents, he's a big chunk."

Phil's concerts alone provide $65,000 annually for the home, and he has announced he'll also hold a celebrity golf tournament in Lynchburg this fall, with all proceeds going to the Miller Home.

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