Old Southern Moonshine Revival are drawing bigger crowds these days, but it's not because they've made any big changes. They're still doing things they way they always have, since the band's beginning in 2007 -- but now, they're getting played on satellite radio.

The Highway, one of SiriusXM's country channels, began playing OSMR's "Waste Another Beer" in the spring/summer of 2015, and "the response was really great, really positive ... It was on a huge scale, and it was immediate," lead singer Marcus Kiser tells The Boot.

"That is the true definition of ... we'd been playing that song for a few months in our set, and it did well, got a good response, but ... you go back and play that song again, and it's unreal," Kiser continues. "You're going, 'It's the same song!' ... The power in radio is still very much there."

Adds guitarist Brent Lain, "It was a game-changer for us. You know, having a song on the radio automatically gives credibility. It's the same song we had before it hit the radio, but it helps for sure."

That sort of national exposure ramped up Old Southern Moonshine Revival's visibility, and fast -- a change from the organic growth the group was used to.

"We're kind of that slow-growth band where ... we're building, we're building, we're building," Kiser explains. "Then this happened, and it was almost like we couldn't keep up."

They're okay with the new pace, though, especially with what it means for turnout at their concerts.

"It was the difference [between] being curious if anyone was gonna be there and then starting to ask questions like, 'I wonder how many are gonna be there?'" Kiser says. "So it's a level up from what we're used to doing."

"Waste Another Beer," of course, always does "really well" at OSMR's shows, but having larger audiences has allowed the band to try out some new material on tour and see what resonates "on an organic level." They've been throwing in some new songs -- "Shut It Down" and "Book of Waylon" are a couple of them -- and writing new music as they go, and they plan to release a full-length album by January.

"We did an EP, and it did great, and we loved it," Kiser says. "But there's something to say about not feeling so much pressure to dwindle down to six songs ... We feel really good about what we got."

Old Southern Moonshine Revival are currently touring across the United States through October. Tour dates and locations are on their website.