Oak Ridge Boys Chalk up another huge honor for the Oak Ridge Boys. Their 1981 chart-topping hit, 'Fancy Free,' has received a Two-Million Spins Award from BMI.

Some fancy trivia numbers: 'Fancy Free' has been broadcast over 116,000 hours, or 4,861 days, which translates into more than 13 years of continuous airplay!

"The greatest songwriters in Nashville have written the Oak Ridge Boys' career with master pieces," says lead singer Duane Allen. "When I first heard 'Fancy Free,' I felt it was a hit just waiting to be recorded. We loved the song so much that we titled our biggest selling album by the same name. Thanks to Jimbeau Hinson and Roy August for writing this great hit, and congratulations to them for more than two million air plays on radio."

The Oak Ridge Boys, whose current lineup consists of Duane (who joined the Oaks in 1966), baritone William Lee Golden (1965), tenor Joe Bonsall (1973) and bass Richard Sterban (1972), was founded in 1945 as a gospel group called the Oak Ridge Quartet. They changed direction in the mid '70s, crossing over to country and pop music with the release of their debut country album, 'Y'all Come Back Saloon.'

The Boys are still on a roll today. This month, they captured the No. 1 song on The Boot's 'Earworm Tunes: Top 10 Catchy Songs in Country' with their mega No. 1 hit (and signature song), 'Elvira.'

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