Drew Baldridge has released a lyric video for his song "Tractors Don't Roll."

The clip opens with imagery of a small farm town, complete with a silo and a church. Tractors play a prominent part in the video (of course): They're seen out in a field hard at work, but also sitting quietly, because as Baldridge sings, Sundays are "the one day of the week tractors don’t roll."

"This is my favorite song! I wrote this about my hometown, and this lyric video was actually shot in my hometown of Patoka, Ill.!" Baldridge explains in the description of the lyric video on YouTube. "I love my roots, and I love where I come from!"

Growing up in Patoka, Ill. (population: about 600), Baldridge's life was exactly like what you hear in country songs, including in "Tractor's Don't Roll": He sang in church with his dad, helped out on his grandfather’s farm and graduated high school with 42 kids in his class.

“I didn’t even know that I was actually living a country song when I was growing up,” Baldridge tells The Boot. “That’s just how we did it.”

"Tractors Don't Roll" is available on iTunes.

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