While Nashville fans know Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere and Charles Esten best as Rayna James, Juliette Barnes and Deacon Claybourne, respectively, the three actors -- and the rest of the cast of the TV drama -- have interests outside of their full-time jobs ... and now that the show is ending, we might get to see them explore those hobbies further.

For example, Lennon Stella (Maddie Conrad) sings with her sister as Lennon & Maisy, but she also enjoys trying her hands at photography -- and is still in school. Aubrey Peeples (Layla Grant), meanwhile, has deferred her acceptance at Harvard University twice, but could see herself pursuing a degree in something like journalism. And Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley) has his band E Nation and is interested in production work.

Press play on the video above to learn more about what the Nashville cast could find themselves doing now that the show is over after four seasons on ABC. News of the TV show's cancellation was announced on May 12, and although both fans and the show's production company have been hoping to find a new network for Nashville, as of now, Wednesday night's (May 25) Season 4 finale acted as the series finale.

A handful of Nashville castmembers spent April and May touring the United States; a European trek is scheduled for June. Additionally, a new soundtrack is out now.

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