Moonsville Collective are exclusively premiering a new track, “Rollin’ in Paradise,” to readers of The Boot.

The seven-member band formed in 2011, featuring members from two generations from the same family: co-founders Corey Adams and Ryan Welch, Seth Richardson (double bass), Drew Martin (percussion), Matthew McQueen (mandolin), "Dobro Dan" Richardson (slide / resonator / dobro) and Sean Kibler (fiddle). Their new track, "Rollin' in Paradise," was inspired by Welch's honeymoon with his wife, during which the couple drove from Long Beach, Calif., to Long Beach, Wash., and back.

"We rumbled and tumbled through some great cities during those two weeks and felt pretty lucky to be able to kick-start our marriage in such a rambling fashion," Welch tells The Boot. "Some of our days were planned, but for most of them, we just improvised. It’s always a fun gamble that way; you never know what’s waiting around the next bend or what’s in the next town."

The memories from that magical time are very sweet for Welch.

"'Rollin’ in paradise, rollin’ that pair of dice' was the phrase that came to us mid-trip and very soon became our singing motto. Like some Muppet couple, we’d erupt with no warning, bobbing and singing as we drove down the road, silly as corn," he explains. "When I came home, I changed the melody a bit, and it became the line that I wrote the rest of the song around."

During live performances, "Rollin' in Paradise" is one of the band's "groovier tunes," and it "builds and falls and opens up," says Welch.

Though Welch shares songwriting and vocal duties with co-founder Adams, this song is a testament to the members' individual talents as well. With four different solos in the tune, Welch explains that each player added their "own particular groove."

"Recording songs can sometimes be like making a quilt: patch by patch, stitch by stitch, until it looks good enough to give as gift," he concludes.

"Rollin' in Paradise" is from Moonsville Collective's forthcoming self-produced record, Heavy Howl, which is due out on Rock Ridge Music on Oct. 30.

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Listen to Moonsville Collective, "Rollin' in Paradise":