'Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical,' loosely inspired by the well-loved television series, is set for its world premiere.

The irreverent, hilarious and spirited musical was announced in early 2014. Its eagerly awaited premiere will take place Sept. 2 at Dallas Theater Center, where it will run through Oct. 11.

Two of the country industry's hottest and most talented songwriters, Brandy Clark (a 2015 Grammy Awards nominee) and Shane McAnally, wrote the musical's score. Clark has mentioned that the musical's content is rather risque, pushing the boundaries much more than a typical country music song. But she says that she enjoyed the writing process immensely.

"It’s one big love story that takes two and a half hours, so you’re telling little bits of the story but can’t let too much unravel at once," Clark explains. "For me, songwriting is storytelling, and that is storytelling at its finest.”

'Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical' is set in present-day Kornfield Kounty, introducing a new generation of characters. It tells the story of Misty Mae, a hometown girl who decides to follow her dreams to the big city (well, "big" is a relative word; she moves to Tampa, Fla.). When Mae returns home to introduce her new city-boy beau to her friends and family, everything turns to chaos ... and the fun begins!

“We both grew up watching ‘Hee Haw,’ so it’s thrilling that we get to make our musical theater writing debut using source material that really shaped and defined so much in terms of the history of country music,” Clark and McAnally comment. "We’re loving the collaborative process of writing for the theater, too, and can’t wait to get the show in front of audiences!”

'Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical' will be produced by Opry Entertainment and Fox Theatricals in conjunction with Dallas Theater Center. Tickets are on sale now; for more information, visit the Dallas Theater Center's website or call the AT&T Performing Arts Center Box Office at 214-880-0202.