Montgomery Gentry were the first artists to take part in Super 8's Military Appreciation Tour, which will take musical acts to different cities to perform for military servicemembers and their families.

The inaugural show took place in late July in Oak Grove, Ky., where the duo treated members of the military to a free concert at Valor Hall, near Fort Campbell.

“We get to dream as big as we want to, be anything we want to be and enjoy the freedoms we all enjoy because of our military, and we never, ever forget that," Kentucky native Eddie Montgomery says. "[Troy Gentry] and I support these men and women every chance we get, and it was an honor to be with so many of them ..."

The Super 8 hotel chain partnered with Premier Networks to plan the event; they will announce the second tour stop and artist this fall. Super 8 is also offering military families discounted stays at their establishments.

"These individuals and their families make sacrifices for all of us each and every day, and in knowing that, it’s important that we take time to not only recognize and honor their service but to also say thank you," says Mike Mueller, brand senior vice president for Super 8. "In pulling together this event — the first of what we hope will be many — Montgomery Gentry, Cody Alan and our friends at Premiere Networks really stepped up, and I’m sincerely grateful to them for helping us give such a phenomenal experience to such a deserving group of individuals.”

Montgomery and Gentry have been performing together for over 16 years, and they say that the main reason for their longevity is that they put their friendship before their career.

“I guess it’s just the friendship that developed before coming to town,” Gentry says. “We know what buttons to push, what not to push, when we can dig a little harder or when we need to back off and give each other some space. It’s like any other relationship — knowing how to respectfully treat your partner ... Be open-minded. And, first and foremost, you have to respect your partner. You can’t get respect unless you give it first.”

The duo released their latest album, Folks Like Us, earlier this summer. The project is available for download on Amazon and iTunes. A list of upcoming concert dates can be found at

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