Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery have set their goals for their next ten years in music. At the top of that list is Grand Ole Opry membership.

"We've played the Opry since we had our first song released, and now we'd like to be members," Gentry said during a party in Nashville celebrating the duo's No. 1 hit, 'Roll With Me.' "There is a history with the Grand Ole Opry that is where our roots are. We sing what we do today because of the people who have been there ... The Opry would be icing on the cake to top off our ten year career."

Gentry went on to say that he and Montgomery came into their career looking for longevity and are proud this year to celebrate their tenth anniversary of making music together. The singer attributed their ongoing success to picking good songs and keeping fans happy.

"I think our fans appreciate the integrity of the songs we have chosen to record, and they can relate to them," Gentry explains. "Eddie and I grew up in the clubs, and we had to learn how to entertain the people who were in the audience. If we didn't keep people coming in, we didn't get paid. Our fans spend money to come to our shows, so we try to keep them involved in what we're doing. Everything is spontaneous and we just try to have a good time onstage and keep them entertained."

Gentry, who is the calmer of the two men when it comes to onstage antics, admits that sometimes Montgomery gets a little wild when he throws the mic stand around the stage. "Sometimes I come home and there will be a few new dings in my guitar and a few bruises in places that I just can't explain," he says, laughing.