Montgomery GentryIt's been 10 years since Montgomery Gentry released their debut album, 'Tattoos and Scars.' Since that time, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have amassed five No. 1 singles, numerous awards and plenty of tattoos. Troy says some of their body art has been in recognition of their musical accomplishments.

"Here in the past five or six years, each time we had a No. 1, I celebrated with a new tattoo," explains Troy, who was recently asked about some new ink he received while on a trip to Hawaii. That inquiry, he says, led to an idea which the duo are taking to their official website.

"Everybody keeps asking about our tattoos," says Troy. "Montgomery Gentry would like to see our fan's tattoos ... you've seen all of our tattoos, it's time to see yours!"

The duo, who have often featured their tattoos on their website's webisodes, are asking fans to send them photos of their tattoos. Troy and Eddie will likely spot more than a few tattoos during their visit to Cancun, Mexico, this December for 'Country on the Beach,' benefitting the T.J. Martell Foundation.