Apparently not everyone in Miranda Lambert's hometown of Lindale, Texas is proud of her numerous accomplishments. A sign with the superstar's face that welcomes residents to the small town (population 5000) was vandalized, with a white white mustache added to the large billboard.

“My wife and I just shook our heads and thought some ignorant fool that doesn’t have enough to do, out destroying property that cost the Rotary Club of Lindale," the singer's father, Rick Lambert, who's a retired police officer, tells Texas TV station KLTV. "They collected the money to do that and we regret that somebody is stupid enough to go out and destroy city property like that."

The proud parents were first alerted to the damage via a text message. “There are haters in the world that do things for their own stupid reasons, so we’re not really that disturbed about it," he adds. "We’re certainly not surprised."

Thanks to the generosity of a local resident, Peter Cilliers, who owns a sign company, the songstress will soon get a brand-new look.

“We’re just basically going to print a vinyl decal off the old file and just re-do the image and stick it on there,” Cilliers says

Still, the 'Somethin' Bad' singer's father says he is disappointed in the damage.

“Lindale’s trying to be proud of a local girl done good and then somebody wants to destroy that," he notes. "If it’s jealousy or if it’s drunkenness, whatever, it’s idiocy either way."

The wife of Blake Shelton wrote her single, 'Famous in a Small Town,' from her 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' album about her hometown.

"We wrote that in my house, and it's exactly what it says," she explains. "I've been on the front page of my hometown paper seven times. I wasn't trying to write a 'small town' song, I had gone around visiting people that day and it got me remembering situations. It all came back to me and came out in the song. They're true stories -- if you're late for church, people are going to talk about it and be all in your business."

Lambert's Pink Pistol store is located in Lindale.