Miranda Lambert is having the kind of year most artists only dream of. Back-to-back chart-topping hits, a record-breaking nine CMA nominations, three CMA wins, platinum sales... the list goes on and on, thanks mostly to her acclaimed 'Revolution' album. The Texas-bred songbird says the project's success also has a downside; it has spawned a whole new level of anxiety.

"I'll probably be panicked the night before my new record comes out because I love 'Revolution' still, and I can't even imagine starting on a new record," Miranda tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. "But I know I've got to, and I know that I don't need to compare myself to myself. I've just got to keep doing what I do and moving forward. But, yes, I'm so freakin' nervous."

The happily-engaged singer (to fellow country superstar Blake Shelton) has already begun the daunting task of gathering songs for her next CD. What makes the process easier, she says, are her tourmates, Josh Kelley and Eric Church, who are helping her churn out some new tunes.

"When you have three writers and musicians on a tour together, some music is going to be made somewhere. It's a blast," she dishes, revealing that she's already penned four songs with Eric and three with Eric and Josh together.

We're a lot alike," Eric says of his tour boss. "She's kind of the female version of me. We grew up listening to the same kind of music and we write great songs together. We do a lot of that, as much as we can on the road. ... Hopefully the songs will turn up on each other's records."

Miranda will have about six more weeks to write more future hits with Josh and Eric. Their tour, which runs from Illinois to California, wraps up on New Year's Eve. Find their schedule here.

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