Miranda Lambert has never made it a point to hide her tomboy ways. And she seems to know just where many of those traits originated.

Referencing a recent incident during which her dad, retired police officer Rick Lambert, was asked to get rid of the gun he was carrying before entering a bar, Miranda tells Chicago radio station US 99.5, "That's where I get it from. He's an extremist a little bit." Miranda proudly boasts that her dad is "definitely your American Republican man. He is just 100% country, Texas, so yeah, it's rubbed off on me a little bit."

Miranda's own gun-wielding ways recently got her into her a little bit of trouble, too. On a Easter evening hog hunt with boyfriend Blake Shelton, Miranda slipped and fell into in a creek. "When I pulled my pants leg up, it was a really really bad cut on my knee," she says. "It was right before the first Kenny Chesney show so, not real smart on my part. I had to limp around the stage for the first couple shows, but I'm good now."

Miranda admits she was fearful Kenny would be upset that she'd been so careless, but says the exact opposite occurred. "The first couple shows where I couldn't really walk and I was crippled.. I got made fun of by Kenny, for my knee. He didn't care...he found humor in it."

Currently opening for Kenny alongside Lady Antebellum, whom she calls "awesome," Miranda and company will also be joined by Montgomery Gentry on select dates, a situation which already has the singer on guard.

"Every time I've ever played with Eddie [Montgomery] and Troy [Gentry], I've gotten sick. I'm not gonna go on the bus ... I'll keep my distance from the moonshine."