Miranda Lambert recently stepped in as a co-host of the ABC morning talk show, "The View," where the subject naturally turned to last week's shooting during "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater, a tragic event which left 12 dead and dozens injured. After hearing that the film's star, Christian Bale, had quietly visited several of those recovering from their wounds in a local hospital, without any fanfare or publicity, the singer said it inspired her to be more charitable in her own life as well.

"As an entertainer myself, I feel like it makes me want to go do something nice," Miranda told "The View" audience. "It wasn't in the press. It was just out of the kindness of his heart. It's really cool he didn't do it for attention."

The wife of Blake Shelton, who recently revealed that she doesn't always follow him on Twitter because his tweets can be "too much," says she's uncomfortable with the amount of personal information people share on social media sites in general. "Growing up, my mom was like, 'Don't you dare air our dirty laundry,'" she explains. "What happened to those days? Now it's just Twitter and Facebook."

The singer-songwriter adds that she is already conflicted about how she will eventually teach her own kids how to safely use the social network. "I don't have children. I want children one day, but would you allow your children to tweet? I mean, what age? And what's appropriate and what's not? Where's the boundary?"

For now, those concerns are still a few years off, while Miranda continues to build her red-hot career. She returned to her On Fire tour last night (July 26) after taking several weeks off for vocal rest. Miranda heads to Massachusetts tonight (July 27), followed by stops in Delaware, Alaska and Washington. Keep track of her tour schedule here.

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