Miranda Lambert has become accustomed to crazy fan encounters and adoring admirers since she burst onto the country music scene four years ago. But she still remembers, with a hint of embarrassment, when she was on the other side of fame and met one of her idols.

"I completely mobbed Tammy Cochran and was freaking out," Miranda tells GAC. "It was during Fan Fair week. I was in Nashville with my parents, and I was the biggest gherm, groupie fan ever and would not shut up. She probably hates me to this day. She doesn't know it was me, though. I'm sure she doesn't remember. That was probably my stupidest moment!"

It's likely Tammy has long since forgotten about the crazy encounter, especially considering all that has happened to her, both personally and professionally, since then. After catapulting to the top of the charts eight years ago with her hit, 'Angels In Waiting,' written as a tribute to her two brothers who passed away from cystic fibrosis, Tammy stepped away from the spotlight to focus on adopting a child from Guatemala. Unfortunately, that choice took a lot longer than Tammy intended, due to a fraudulent adoption facilitator, now in jail, who took Tammy's money and fled.

Tammy remained persistent, and eventually welcomed a Guatemalan boy into her home, thanks to GuatAdopt. "GuatAdopt is a God send to me," Tammy says. "I found them accidentally online and made contact with them. I had been worried about my adoption process and just needed some answers and encouragement. They are wonderful people who care about the children of Guatemala, as they are adoptive parents themselves."

Three-year old Shawn Alan, named in memory of Tammy's two brothers, is thriving in his new home, and Tammy is now ready to get her music career back on track. She's releasing a new album, '30 Something and Single,' just in time for CMA Music Fest. Tammy plans on being available all weekend to sign autographs for her fans, including Miranda Lambert!