Mike Flanigin is a musical staple, not only in his adopted hometown of Austin, Texas -- where he's played for the past two decades -- but also as a backing musician and featured performer with everyone from ZZ Top to Jimmie Vaughan. The organist is set to release his solo debut album, The Drifter, on Aug. 21, and he's giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first listen to "One Little Heart," a collaboration with vintage pop singer Kat Edmonson.

"One Little Heart" is an acoustic tune that explores the hope of future love. Even though it's only two minutes and 10 seconds long, the song, featuring Edmonson's vocals, packs a lot of emotion into a short amount of time.

"One little heart, like a ball of twine / Rolling on and on, down a mountainside / Gone so far 'til it feels so small / People passing by like there's nothing at all," Edmonson sings. The song ends with her repeating wistfully, "someday." It's almost a lullaby of sorts -- poetic and gentle, a tune that you could listen to over and over again.

Edmonson also appears on another track on The Drifter, "Nina," and she is the album's executive producer as well.

The Drifter is a true labor of love, having been recorded in six different studios and four different states. In addition to Edmonson, the project also features ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr., Alejandro Escovedo and the late Reverend Gean West. Blondie drummer Clem Burke, legendary jazz musician Bob Malach and Stephen Barber help out as well.

“These artists are all personal heroes of mine," Flanigin says. “I wrote the songs with each of them in mind to perform them. Luckily, they are all personal friends, too.”

The Drifter is available for pre-order on iTunes. Flanigin will perform at the Paramount Theater in Austin on Sept. 6 to celebrate the album's release.

Listen to Mike Flanigan, "One Little Heart":

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