Fresh off of her time on The Voice, Meghan Linsey is hard at work on her new album. The singer, who was the TV singing competition's Season 8 runner-up, says that her fans won't have to wait much longer to hear the new project.

"I’ve been in the studio. My EP’s almost done. I have a single ready to go," Linsey reveals to The Boot. "I’m ready to put out music really, really soon."

Linsey initially rose to fame as one-half of the award-winning duo Steel Magnolia, with Joshua Scott Jones. But after their split, Linsey admits that she struggled with moving ahead as a solo artist until her time on The Voice.

"I think the show definitely helped build my confidence and make it a little less scary to know that people voted me through every week and downloaded my songs and believed in me," she says. "I think that definitely was a confidence builder for me to realize that people do want to hear my music.

"I got second place. That’s a huge, huge thing," Linsey adds. "So I’m really grateful for my fans and a new fan base that I have now."

The Louisiana native, who belted out songs like “Steamroller Blues” and “Tennessee Whiskey” on the show, says that her upcoming project will be less country than Steel Magnolias' work.

"I’m definitely moving in more of a soulful direction," Linsey notes. "It’s a little more soul-pop. Someone the other day said it sounded like the Black Keys and Adele singing in front, which was a huge compliment, and I’ll take it. But it definitely has the soulful thing, with some edge."

As with Steel Magnolia, Linsey plans to write all of the songs for her new record.

"I’ve always written my own songs. In Steel Magnolia, I co-wrote all of those songs," she says. "To have the opportunity to express myself, to be an artist and be a songwriter, it’s such a blessing to be able to do that."

Updates on Linsey's project will be posted on her website.