New country artist Matt Gary is premiering a brand-new song, "It's on You," exclusively for fans of The Boot.

The new tune is catchy from the get-go. Although it begins with a more stripped-down feel and with a toe-tapping beat, "It's on You" soon escalates into a full-fledged country-pop song, complete with an electric guitar solo. And it's clear from the song's lyrics that Gary is at the mercy of a flirtatious girl who knows how to work her charms.

"It's on you / Whatever I'm feeling / It's on you / Forever we're going," he sings. As "It's on You" progresses into a driving beat, the intensity of what Gary is feeling escalates as well: "You're calling the shots / Don't act like you're not / Making me come unglued / Girl, you're coming in hot / If you don't mean it, stop / Before this night gets where it's going to."

"I’m pumped to have "It’s on You" be the lead-off single for my new music," Gary tells The Boot. "I’ve been in Nashville awhile, really working to develop my sound. My producer, Ilya Toshinskiy, and I feel we have created something that's unique. Its a song that you just want to turn up loud from the first beat. I dig the way the storyline puts the girl in charge, makes her sound confident ... I like that!”

The girl in the lyrics is in charge for sure. Her charms and the way she's tugging on his shirt aren't making it easy for Gary to walk away. In the song, Gary tells her that if they wake up with his arms around her, "it's on you." She can blame it on the beat or the whiskey, but ultimately, he sings, "It's on you."

Gary grew up in Kansas City, Kan., and his love for country music (including Tim McGraw and Keith Urban), as well as pop influences like Maroon 5, Jack Johnson and John Mayer, led him to Nashville after graduating from the University of Tampa. And if country fans become big fans of Gary after hearing this song? Well, that's on him.

Listen to Matt Gary, "It's on You":

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