Martina McBride is a positive role model for young women everywhere, but most especially for her three daughters who often come to her for guidance and advice on a variety of subjects.

Her biggest piece of advice to her three girls is to "be a leader, not a follower." "I hope they hear that in the back of their heads when they're in a group," Martina tells Babble magazine. "I think it's important, especially when navigating their way through peer pressure and making a place for themselves."

Daughter Delaney, who is 15, recently enrolled in a new all-girls school for her freshman year, and Mom Martina says keeping tabs on her oldest daughter is not always easy. "When she was in elementary school ... I knew her group of friends. It was smaller and more manageable. [Now] ... it's a whole new group of girls."

Even though she's exploring new friendships and a new life, the lines of communication between the vocal powerhouse and her first born are still open. In fact, it's that way with all three of her daughters. They are able to talk to their mom about anything -- boys, school, peer pressure and friends -- and she hopes that will continue. "[Delaney] said to me that she felt like she can talk to me about anything. That's such a great thing because I want to be the person that can help guide her and let her feel like she can open up to me. But the only way I can help her is to know what's going on, to know the truth."

So, who is the tougher parent? Martina or her husband, John? "I would probably say I'm the tougher parent," the singer admits. "They definitely have him wrapped around their fingers -- and he'd be the first to admit it. He backs me up, but I'm probably the one that lays down the curfew and the rules."

No doubt a curfew and rules will be more strictly enforced when their daughters start dating, but Martina says her oldest hasn't shown much interest just yet. "Her friends are still going on group dates, so she's not in a hurry," she reveals.

Martina can keep an eye on her daughters' activities, as she is home for most of the week. Dates on her Shine All Night tour with Trace Adkins and Sarah Buxton are mainly only on the weekends.