Martina McBride has released the video for her version of 'Come See About Me,' from her covers record, 'Everlasting.'

The song, originally by the Supremes, is a departure from McBride's typical country tunes, and the video gives fans a distinctly '60s Motown vibe to match.

“‘Come See About Me’ is one of my favorite songs on the album,” she tells Speakeasy [quote via WSJ]. “When I play it for people, they immediately get a smile on their face and start moving. You cannot sit still and listen to this song ... Motown records are such great records because they really created a unique sound and feeling. I think everyone could agree that Motown has been a part of their lives at some point or another.”

The video features the exact stage setup McBride is using on her current tour in support of the new album.

'Everlasting' debuted at No. 1 when it was released in April. The release features McBride's interpretations of songs by Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Van Morrison and several others.

'Everlasting' is available for purchase on iTunes.