Luke Bryan's new single, 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me),' is already in the Top 10, and rapidly climbing. The tune, which implores women to shake their ... assets, sounds more like the theme song for a 20-something bachelor, than the happily married father of two boys that describes Luke's family status. But the Georgia native, who also penned the hit single, insists the sexually-charged tune has the full support of his wife of five years, Caroline.

"She loves it, because it's about my music and, she's heard all this music before anybody else," Luke tells The Boot. "With 'Country Girl,' she obviously knew what the video was going to have to be. You had to have pretty girls dancing and shaking, and with the performance for the CMT [Awards], you gotta have the same deal. She always believed too if I could ever get a little snippet of time on TV, and have that opportunity, that people could really see the bigger scale. She loved it. She loved the dancing and everything."

The success of the tune, which is also in the Top 25 on the pop charts, is as much due to his wife's effort as it is his own, he insists. "She is happy for me and happy for us," the 34-year-old maintains. "She has to let me go on the road and write and let me be gone to figure out how to write and record and sing these songs and perform them, so it's certainly a two-way street. My successes are our successes. We go to concerts and have fun, and she wants to go, and she knows that people are going to want to come to my show to have a big time, and 'Country Girl' is going to make that happen."

The singer-songwriter acknowledges that, while he had success before, including scoring five Top 10 singles in the last four years, it took this current single to tip the scales firmly in his favor. "I can feel the momentum," Luke notes. "It has been an interesting process, and I'm so glad it didn't happen three or four years ago because I wouldn't have enjoyed it. I would be freaking out!"

Luke is offering his fans plenty of time to enjoy his energy-packed shows. He is currently serving as the opening act for Tim McGraw on his Emotional Traffic tour, before he takes a shot as a headliner himself this fall, for the CMT Tailgates & Tanlines tour. Keep track of his schedule here.

'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' is the debut single from his upcoming CD, 'Tailgates & Tanlines,' which hits shelves August 9.

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