Luke Bryan, Lady AntebellumUnlike in poker, Luke Bryan and Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum want to show their winning hand all over town! The three found a lucky combination when they joined forces to write Luke's first No. 1 single, "Do I," and now the three are keen to write more hit tunes.

"We're already planning our next writing appointment," Charles told The Boot. "We're going to go out and see Luke on the Jason Aldean tour on one of our days off and write another song together."

"Actually Charles and I have written a couple songs together but we can't ever seem to pin Dave down because he's got such an extensive social schedule," Luke joked. On a more serious note, the singer told The Boot, "I think we'd be foolish to not get together and try to write some more music."

The three are anxious to see what their next session will bring, and certainly, Luke and Lady Antebellum like to record songs they've written, but they all understand how important it is to listen to songs penned by others.

"We didn't write our current single, 'American Honey'," Dave tells The Boot. "It's the first single we put out we haven't had a part of. It was written by Cary Barlowe, Hillary Lindsey and Shane Stevens, and we knew we had to have it when we heard it. Hillary is on lead, and the song's message is one we want to have out there. As crazy as times get for our jobs and anybody's job, you have to remember when life was simpler and sweeter."

Charles agrees, noting that the nostalgic song recalls memories of a time to which everyone can relate. "What we like is we're songwriters too, but we want everyone to realize it's all about the song, whether we've written it or not. There are so many amazing songs in Nashville; it's a town flooded with hit songs waiting to be cut. We want everyone in town to realize we are just as much a part of their life and want them to be a part of what we want, which is to have a few of these outside cuts as well as write our own tunes."

Luke says a case in point is Jason Aldean's mega hit, 'Big Green Tractor.' "I stand in the wings and watch Jason do that song and it does not get any bigger than that. It's a song he found that literally sells out arenas. It's either you're lucky enough to write that hit, or you're lucky enough to be among the first people to hear it."

Both acts are in the midst of major country tours, Luke with Jason and Lady Antebellum with Tim McGraw.