Luke Bryan's devoted fans must have had a great time at the singer's show in Pittsburgh on Saturday night (June 21).

More than 50,000 fans turned out, gathering in the parking lot early in the day to turn the concert into an all-day tailgating event.

Police had a heavy presence in the area, anticipating the kind of trouble and general mess that have often accompanied shows at the enormous venue.

Bryan himself chimed in before the show, gently reminding fans to behave.

It appears to have worked. Despite some arrests on charges of assault and public intoxication, the show -- which was reportedly the largest in the history of the venue -- mostly proceeded smoothly compared to past events.

WPXI reports the parking lots were almost entirely cleaned up by Sunday morning.

That's not to say that everybody was on their best behavior -- including this concertgoer, who just might have overindulged in the pre-concert festivities.