Love and TheftLove and Theft released their debut album last year while they were still part of the Lyric Street roster. Currently without a label, the trio remains hopeful something will fall into place, so they can get back into the studio to work on their next album. What they do know is that when back in the studio, they will savor the process and enjoy every aspect of it more so now than ever.

"The first album was put together in pieces," Stephen Barker Liles tells The Boot. "It wasn't like we went in together and said let's knock this thing out. We would record vocals for this song, then two months later we were recording vocals for another song. We recorded vocals on some songs, and then I didn't sing for another year on it! My voice has changed a lot in a year."

With non-stop touring in the past year, Love and Theft have grown even stronger as a musical team and are proud of the outcome. "We've spent the last year literally singing every day. Our voices are a lot stronger now and are definitely different," Eric Gunderson explains. "Like with Lady Antebellum's new record ... I think Hilary Scott's voice has gotten so awesome. Not that it wasn't before, because it was, but you can just tell it's gotten stronger."

"This next time in the studio," Brian Bandas adds, "we are going to have the opportunity to hopefully make it within a three month period so it will be a snapshot of where we are at that moment."

Love and Theft are currently out on the road with Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw as part of the Southern Voice tour.

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