Following the success of their newest single, "I Love This Life," LoCash have announced that a new EP of the same name will be dropping later this month.

I Love This Life is scheduled for release on Oct. 30. It features six tracks, with live fan favorites "Shipwrecked" and "I Know Somebody" among them, as well as "I Love This Life." With the exception of one song, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust wrote all of the project's tunes. A full tack listing can be seen below.

The EP was produced by Lindsay Rimes and David Ross and will be released on Reviver Records. It is the first new album from the duo since 2013, when they released their self-titled debut project.

"I cannot wait for the current and future LoCash fans to hear what we have been working so hard on," Lucas says. "It's a new and established sound for us. Something fresh, with the LoCash flavor and the roots of country music."

Adds Brust, "This new project captures real feelings mixed with melodies we hope everyone can relate and sing along to. We are in a really great place in life, and I think these songs are windows into our lives right now. I couldn't be more excited or more proud of it!"

More information about the I Love This Life EP and LoCash's upcoming tour dates can be found on their website.

LoCash, I Love This Life EP Track Listing:

1. “I Love This Life” (P. Brust, C. Janson, C. Lucas, D. Myrick)
2. “I Know Somebody” (R. Copperman, J. Stover, R. Akins)
3. “Shipwrecked” (P. Brust, M. Tyler, L. Rimes)
4. “Ain't Startin' Tonight” (P. Brust, J. Boyer, M. Tyler)
5. “Drunk Drunk” (P. Brust, C. Lucas, B. Niemi, S. Stokes)
6. “Til' the Wheels Fall Off” (P. Brust, J. Boyer, M. Bronleewe)

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