The Boot sits down with Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman to talk about their latest hit, 'Little White Church,' which the four members of the group co-wrote with their producer, Wayne Kirkpatrick. It's the first single from their upcoming album, 'The Reason Why.''

"We all have books that we keep titles in because if a phrase comes to us, we don't want to forget it. We're always writing things down," Kimberly tells The Boot. "In Karen [Fairchild]'s book, she had written the phrase 'little white church.' One day, she and I were listening to some old Patty Loveless – the 'Mountain Soul' record. We were talking about the call-and-answer kind of songs from this album. We were in love with the idea and just ran with it ... We wrote that song in a few hours. We had so much fun writing it."

"Little white churches are on almost every corner," Karen Fairchild tells People Country magazine. "Someone once told me when you're dating a boy, 'Don't wash and fold clothes and cook too much for him, or he'll fall for all of that and not for you.' It happens a lot. Us girls just need to make them work a tiny bit harder!"

"It's so true," Philip Sweet concurs. "Sometimes you've got to make the guy chase you!"