Lee Greenwood knows the true meaning to the song lyric, "I've been down so low/That the bottom looked like up."

"I'm not easily defeated," Lee notes in his website bio. "I've been at the bottom, and I know I don't like it there." But the singer admits that he isn't just talking about a low point in his career.

"No, no the bottom of life," Lee tells The Boot. "I mean my career started when I was 14 years old playing clubs. I don't think -- even at times when I wasn't working a lot -- I never thought that was the bottom of my career."

Lee reveals his toughest point occurred in Los Angeles. "I went there to make records for Paramount, and we took a shot at a single ... this was like when I was living in Vegas. The record was never released ... produced by Jerry Fuller who was a great singer and producer. It was just a lesson in humility when my career wasn't going to take off that way. I had to go back to Vegas and work my tail off. But as far as personally, I got to feeling so down about life and about myself. It really takes a great deal of grit when [you're down]. I can picture people who get down on themselves because I've been there, and I know what it feels like to be down on yourself."

Asked if he feels that most people have a hard time escaping life without feeling they're at the bottom, Lee says, "Well, it depends on your faith I think, and your internal gut. I am a Christian, and I'm driven by the fact that I know if I continue to walk in the footsteps of my creator, that I will be taken care of. There are ups and downs in everybody's life, I don't care if you're a Christian or not. But I just believe that I have an eternal faith that keeps me alive, and that's what keeps me focused on what's good about life."

Lee and his fourth wife, Kimberly, have been married for 17 years.

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