Lee Brice has released the video for his anthemic song 'Drinking Class,' which is the second single from his chart-topping 'I Don't Dance' album.

The video, like the song, pays homage to blue-collar workers all over the country. While scenes flash of various laborers, including a welder, a cook and a truck driver, Brice sings, "I'm a member of a good-timing crowd / We get rowdy, we get wild and loud / If you gotta, gotta label me, label me proud / I belong to the drinking class / Monday through Friday, man we bust our backs / If you're one of us, raise your glass / I belong to the drinking class."

'Drinking Class' is one of only three songs on his latest record that Brice didn't write, but he says the song is an important part of the album.

“With ['Drinking Class'], I had some crazy stuff on it,” Brice explains. “At the last minute, I realized what it was missing, and it was missing the simplicity of a working-class sound, the organic sounds, so some of that got taken off."

Download the 'I Don't Dance' album here.