Lee Brice has come a long way from the farms he worked as a kid in South Carolina. His debut CD 'Love Like Crazy' continues to make waves, as the title song has now earned the bittersweet record of making the slowest-ever climb up the charts -- taking 55 weeks to peak in the Top 10. On the other end of the creative spectrum, Garth Brooks' song 'More Than a Memory' -- a song Lee co-wrote -- debuted at No. 1 in 2007, making it the fasting-rising song in history.

Lee is used to chasing his career dreams with talent and timing on his side, but now, he's setting his sights on chasing the 'happily ever after' ... finding Miss Right. To help him on his journey, we decided to give him our single man's pop quiz to set the wheels in motion. What single girls will find refreshing about this Prince Charming is, he's shy, laid back, and he's looking for the love of his life with an open mind. Enjoy!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it for you to be in love?

Very important ... 9 ½.

How do you know the difference between having a big crush and being in love?

Time goes by, and you realize maybe when the first few days wears off. Love is a little more of a choice. It's like: you know what, I'm going to love this person. It becomes OK once all the butterflies wear off and they're not there all the time, then you realize whether you love somebody or not.

Do you go bar hopping to meet eligible women?

I'm bar hopping every night when I'm working. We're playing in the clubs, but lately, I swear, meeting women is a fortunate thing for me because I'm so busy on the road. Anytime I can meet one -- it doesn't matter if it's a grocery store or if it's a bar -- either one is fine with me.

Have you ever used a creative pick-up line?

I'm really not a pick-up-line man. But my most strange pick-up line was, I had seen this girl, and I was at a loss for words so I just ran my hands over my eyes and down my face, just to say she was just unbelievably beautiful. I just looked at her, and that's all it took. We started talking after that, so that was my pick-up line. I gestured with my hand across my face that she was beautiful, and that was it.

You and a good friend meet a girl and you both like her a lot, how do you handle who gets to ask her out?

First come first served! [laughs] Whoever gets there first.

Are you the jealous type?

I'm really not the jealous type. I feel like if a girl loves me or likes me, then she'll be there. If she finds someone else she likes better then she deserves to have that, and I'll find something better too.

Have you ever considered Internet dating sites?

I haven't considered Internet dating sites. I'm too busy with all the crazy women in my life already. [laughs]

If you were to put out a personal ad, what would you say about yourself?

I don't usually do this, but I'm a laid-back kind of a guy who likes to relax and have fun. I'm not a confrontational kind of a person. I just want somebody to sit back and chill with me and have a good time.

What's the most creative way a woman has managed to meet you?

Oh, man! One jumped on a plane and flew to Vegas unannounced, and showed up at a show. I just fell in love right then and there, and dated her for a few years.

How did she meet you?

She showed up at the show, and I came out and visited and signed some autographs, and there she was. She said, 'I flew in here just to see you.' I was like, 'I'm glad you did, let's hang out!' [laughs]

If you saw a lady in your audience you'd like to meet, how would you go about doing that?

I'd send somebody to go get her, or I'd get her myself. Hey, whatever has to be done! I'm shy though, even to this day I feel like I don't know what to say when I'm around a woman. I hope that's just in my head. [laughs]

What qualities in a woman turns you off?

I'm a big fan of a sweet girl. If you've got an attitude or are pretentious or you feel like you're better than other people, then I don't have time for that. I'd rather hang out with somebody sweet.

Is it important for you to date someone exclusively or do you like to play the field?

It just depends on where I'm at in my life and who it is. I've done a lot of both. I've dated a few girls for long periods of time, and then I've just been single. I'm very eligible now.

What's your most embarrassing first date story?

My mother set me up on a date back in high school. I try to let her have her fun. She's trying to dress me up, and she's walking me out to the car. My mother has always been a mama about the whole [dating] thing. She meant it all with love. She's trying to check my teeth in front of my date.

What is your idea of a fun date?

My idea of a fun date these days -- because I'm gone so much -- is for me to be able to stay at home and have somebody come over and cook a little dinner out on the grill. I've got a little redneck Riviera pool in the back yard, and just chill out, watch a movie and have a nice cold beer. That sounds like a good evening to me.

Can you actually be just friends with a girl you're very attracted to?

That's a tough one for me. [laughs] For a long time in my life, through high school and through college, my best friend in the world was a girl. I was extremely attracted to her the whole time. I just had to settle to be her friend, and I became her best friend. We actually ended up dating eight years after we became friends.

So after you dated, how did that turn out?

We ended up dating a couple of years, and I think she was ready for marriage, and I wasn't quite ready back then. So we parted ways, but we're still friends. That was special to be able to date someone you were so close to for so long.

Would you date someone 10 years younger or older than you?

Oh, sure! I'm a fan of all ages. I guess 21 to 41 sounds about right to me. [laughs]

You're dating a girl and she kisses you in public. Does that bother you?

Not at all. I'm not a big fan of a lot of P.D.A. [public display of affection], but a little bit every now and then is nice ... claiming your man!

Have you ever taken a girl's phone number and never called her?

I'm sure I have. You know, we get going late at night, and get to rockin' and rollin' and meet people, but never intentionally though, I can promise you that.

Have you set a deadline for yourself to be married and have children?

No deadline. I do have a little boy. I have a beautiful little boy who is almost two. I have one [child] already, so maybe I'll get to find me a girl and be able to settle down and get married, and to have some more. I get to see my little boy all the time. He lives up in Ohio. Every day I have off, and any chance I get, I just want to be close to him. He's growing up so fast.