Lee Ann Womack steps offstage to a different spotlight, portraying a deputy sheriff in the film 'Noble Things.' The singer takes on the part of Chief Deputy Claire Wades in the movie about rising country star Jimmy Wayne Collins, who is trying to keep a dark secret. Womack says she decided to take the part so she could learn more about the film business.

"I'd never wanted to do anything like that, but my daughter Aubrey has always wanted to act," Womack explains. "I've been scared of the whole thing because I don't know anything about that business. When the part was offered to me I thought, 'Well, I'll do this project and learn about this business, and I'll just see what it's all about.'"

After filming through two hurricanes for a total of about six weeks, the singer adds with a laugh, "I became even more convinced that I hope she [Aubrey] decides not to pursue this. It was really lonely. We were in Beaumont in this motel and you wait and wait and wait around till they're ready for you at 2:00 AM or whatever time it is. Then you go and you do your part and then you go back to your room and wait again."

Fellow country star Tracy Byrd also stars in the movie as Ronnie Crawford, a veteran country star who is a mentor to Collins. The film also features Brett Moses, Michael Parks, Ryan Hurst, Dominique Swain and Ron Canada.

'Noble Things' premieres at the Nashville Film Festival in April.