Lee Ann Womack, Reba McEntireOpening for Reba McEntire and George Strait is a dream come true for Lee Ann Womack, who has idolized the two legendary performers since she was in her teens.

"I'll never forget when I went to Nacogdoches, Texas, drove to see Reba at Stephen F. Austin State University in their arena, 20 years ago, with a bunch of my friends from high school," Lee Ann tells The Boot. "It's just hard to believe that I get to stand up there and sing with her every night."

One of the coolest things she gets to do is perform Linda Davis' part with Reba on the 1993 No. 1 hit, 'Does He Love You,' even though singing with the superstar is a bit overwhelming at times for the Texan. "I come out and do my 30 minutes and I go back to my dressing room and change, and I come back out ... And I have had moments where I'm walking up to that stage -- it's in the round so you've got to walk through the crowd to get to the stage, and I'm walking down the aisle almost like a bride or something. I get to the bottom of the stairs and I stand there with my mouth completely agape. I cannot believe I am about to take the steps up on the stage and sing with Reba. It happens every night. There have been nights when [Reba's husband and manager] Narvel [Blackstock] has literally had to push me up the stairs because I am so mesmerized by her, just watching her as an audience member. Only, I'm gonna step up there and sing with her. It's really unbelievable!"

Every time Reba performs 'Does He Love You' in concert, she gets in character, which can be awe-inspiring to her duet partner. "She's dramatic out there, buddy," notes Lee Ann. "That's when I find myself just standing there looking at her, and now I'm part of this whole thing. That's what people like so much about Reba. She really thinks about what she's gonna deliver to that audience that night, and she gives it her all. I really feel I can learn a little bit from her."

Even though she's out with the feisty redhead, Lee Ann admits Reba's pretty guarded about what she lets people in on. One thing about Reba, however, which impresses the younger singer (and mom) the most? Her son, Shelby.

"All of us got to have dinner the other night and [I] got to spend time with her son, and he's a great guy ... And I'm always real proud to see a good personality in a kid who's grown up in this business. I always think, 'Well, maybe mine will turn out to be OK.' They've done a great job with him, and it was nice getting to see that side of them as parents."

Shelby, who recently turned 20, is a freshman at the University of Arizona. Lee Ann, Reba and George are back on the road together for a March 26 show in Portland, Ore.

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