Lee Ann Womack was surrounded by friends and family Saturday as her new movie, 'Noble Things,' premiered at the Nashville Film Festival. The singer has her first big-screen starring role, portraying a sheriff in a small East Texas town where law and order are not necessarily the easiest things for her to maintain. Womack told The Boot that she had been offered other scripts before, but this one struck her immediately.

"The producers came to one of my shows in Louisiana and showed me a demo reel on the movie and then they gave me the script to read," she told us on the red carpet. "I was prepared to say no, but after I read it and talked to them, it was easy to say yes."

The movie is about a young country singer, played by Brett Moses (pictured here with Lee Ann). Moses' character has a secret and despite his talent, he can't forget the terrible burden he carries. The story picks up when he returns home to take care of his cancer-stricken father. Flashbacks reveal the secret, and the plot moves toward a surprise ending.

"Lee Ann was amazing and such a professional," 'Noble Things' co-producer Dan McMellen gushed to The Boot. "She was a delight to work with and she perceived things the way you might expect a 25-year veteran of movies might do. For instance, each time we re-shot a scene, she would do it a little differently, which is something a veteran actor would do but not necessarily someone who is working on their first movie."

Womack admits one of the reasons she accepted the role was because her daughter, Aubrie, has an interest in becoming an actress. "This gave me the opportunity to see what it was all about. Plus it was being shot around Beaumont, Texas, which gave me the chance to be close to home for awhile."

Womack also revealed that there are several movies that she has thought about doing. "I've always wanted to see something done on Jane Long, who is often called the Mother of Texas," she says. "I would also like to be involved in movies about singers Sammi Smith and Tammy Wynette."

Other actors starring in 'Noble Things' include Michael Parks, Ryan Hurst, Dominique Swain, Ron Canada, James Parks and Wes Brown. Tracy Byrd has a cameo as Brett's mentor, and Clay Walker was the film's music supervisor. The movie is scheduled to be released to theaters nationwide later this year.