Lee Ann WomackLee Ann Womack recently traded in her fan club for her free 'Country Music Appreciation Society and Social Club.' But the singer's website cautions that there are some basic rules for those who join:

"As a social club member, you should refrain from using such phrases as 'Country rocks,' as this makes Lee Ann nauseous (and sometimes rabidly angry)."

"You must try and never fail to mention how hot LAW's shoes are."

"You must promise when talking to LAW to always try to work something in the conversation, such as 'LAW, you look younger every time I see you,' or 'Girl!!!! Have you been working out? You look like you've lost weight!'"

Lee Ann is certainly having fun with the club, especially since it doesn't follow in the same vein as a regular fan club. "My social club is a fan club, but it truly is for them, for the members," the Texas native tells The Boot. "And I've always struggled with the whole concept of a fan club. There's just something about it that I've never liked. The girl who runs it for me came up with the title and the whole concept, and she said, 'It's not for you, it's for them.' So, that's how the whole thing got launched about [five] months ago, and it is growing like crazy."

She decided the club should be free for anyone to join. "I don't believe in taking money for something like that," Lee Ann explains. "In this day and age you don't have to because it's so internet based ... it's so much fun, and there's some crazy stuff involved -- from Jello-Shot Barbie to just some pictures and videos that are on the website. And I just really feel like this time I'm onto something really good with the Social Club as far as a way to give something to the fans."

Did she say 'Jello-Shot Barbie?' Yes, she did. "I don't know if I can explain it actually, but there is this fictional character that's involved in my social club, an her name is Jello-Shot Barbie, and she's a four-foot Barbie doll that I picked up at Goodwill. [laughs] ... We got snowed in and everything was closed in town, except the Goodwill, and we found this four-foot Barbie doll, got out on the road, and it ended up on the bus. That night was called Jello-Shot night on the road with the [George] Strait tour. And somehow or another, she ended up named by one of the fans, 'Jello-Shot Barbie,' and now she practically has her own TV series, and it's just crazy."

Jello-Shot Barbie has done interviews with comedian Melissa "Peterbuilt" Peterman, who has been opening shows on the tour, and we hear the character actually had some "canoodling" time with the headliner, George Strait, on his tour bus one night.

You can check out all the Social Club and Jello-Shot Barbie action on Lee Ann's website. In the meantime, you can catch Lee Ann -- and Jello-Shot Barbie -- when she performs in San Antonio, Texas on May 1.

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