Recently, Lee Ann Womack was declared the 'Sexiest Country Singer' by Alison Krauss, and many country music fans would definitely agree with that statement. But turnabout is fair play, and Lee Ann states Alison is pretty sexy herself.

"It's funny that Alison said that," Lee Ann tells The Boot. "I love her! She is just completely hot! I mean, here is this woman who sings great. She plays great. She has great taste in music. She looks great, and it's hard to find all that in one package."

As far as the sexiest country male performer, all Lee Ann has to do is look to the man she's on tour with -- George Strait!

When the Texas native was a teenager, she used to sneak out of the house to go see King George in concert. She idolized the Country Music Hall of Famer and told her childhood friends that someday she would work with him. The two have indeed worked together on the road and in the studio. He appears on her latest album, 'Call Me Crazy,' on the tune 'Everything But Quits.'

So, why does she think he is sexy? "He's a real man," Lee Ann explains. "He's very down-to-earth. He loves his wife and his family, and he loves his work. He works hard and plays hard, and that is sexy to me!"

Lee Ann is currently on the road with George and Reba McEntire, and they are set to head back out on tour together March 26 in Portland, Ore.

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