Come April of next year, LeAnn Rimes will head north to begin work on a new movie filmed in the Toronto, Canada area. According to Pop Goes the News, LeAnn arrived in Niagara Falls on Thursday, October 22, for a show, and says she is looking forward to returning in the spring to begin shooting the movie. "I get to really come enjoy this beautiful place," said the singer/actress.

Details on the movie are being kept under wraps for now, but LeAnn describes it as "a sweet, romantic, family comedy."

According to the Internet Movie Database's website [IMDB], LeAnn is "rumored" to play the role of Daisy in the flick 'Fireflies,' which is currently in pre-production. The movie's plot tells "the stirring dramatic story about two friends' journey to overcome personal demons and escape the monotony of small town life for a chance to start living."

Last year, LeAnn's acting endeavours included the Lifetime channel's made-for-TV movie, 'Northern Lights,' co-starring her now live-in beau, Eddie Cibrian.

In-between filming her new movie, LeAnn is also preparing for the release of her highly-anticipated new album, 'Lady and Gentleman.' The album will feature a new version of 'Blue,' the song that put LeAnn's career on center stage at the young age of 13.

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