A lawsuit singer LeAnn Rimes filed against two women has been dismissed after more than a year.

The lawsuit began in August 2012, when Rimes accused Kimberly Smiley and her daughter, Alexis Smiley, of invasion of privacy, after she alleged they recorded a phone conversation she had with them and posted it online. The 'Spitfire' singer originally contacted the women after she claimed they were using social media to say negative things about her.

The 31-year-old claimed the incident caused her emotional distress and damaged her reputation. She entered an inpatient treatment facility to “learn and develop coping mechanisms" one day before the lawsuit was filed.

The Smileys denied any wrongdoing, and claimed the lawsuit caused them a great deal of hardship. “We are just an average family trying to make ends meet each month. We are faced with a lawsuit from a high priced powerful Beverly Hills attorney and trying to find an attorney has been hard," Kimberly Smiley claimed. “Financially with deductibles, the inevitable rate increase, and travel expenses this lawsuit will cause great financial strain."

Rimes, who was seeking more than $25,000 in damages, had pledged to donate any money from the lawsuit to the Trevor Project, an anti-bullying organization.

According to the Tennessean, the suit was dismissed in a Los Angeles court on Monday (Oct. 28). The dismissal means Rimes cannot re-file another claim in the case. An attorney for the Smileys says that both parties reached an amicable resolution, and he would not be making further comments. Rimes' attorney has not commented on the case.