LeAnn Rimes' beautiful ballad 'What I Cannot Change' continues to have an impact in several different areas of popular culture.

The tune, included Rimes' latest album, 'Family,' was co-written by the singer with Darrell Brown. It was recently turned into an inspirational book described as a collection of stories "from people who have experienced their own journeys of change."

And now it has done some no other country song has done before.

A remixed version of the song has reached the top of Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart, becoming the first country song ever to hold the top spot on that weekly survey. Rimes previously reached the dance chart with 'Can't Fight the Moonlight,' 'Tic Toc,' 'We Can,' and a club version of 2007's 'Nothin' Better to Do,' which peaked at No. 8.

The book inspired by 'What I Cannot Change' is set for an April 14 release.