If LeAnn Rimes was trying to avoid attention on her flight to Los Angeles on Friday (May 1), that didn't happen. She set off the fire alarm during her flight -- and all eyes were on her.

The singer accidentally triggered the fire alarm while in the airplane's bathroom, and she shared the story on social media.

Apparently, while Rimes was spraying her hair with the aerosol product, the fire alarm thought she was doing something a little more dangerous, and it alerted the entire airplane with its sound.

When Rimes landed at LAX, she told TMZ that, yes, it definitely happened. So, what happened when the alarm went off?

"Nothing," she recounts. “Thank god. I put my head out and said, ‘It’s nothing.’ It was pretty funny, actually.”

While the sound of a blaring fire alarm might scare passengers into thinking that something was direly wrong and that their lives were in danger, Rimes laughed off the incident, saying, “I don’t think I would go that far."

Thankfully, nothing was serious about the alarm -- but it definitely put an end to the amount of dry shampoo the singer was spraying.

Rimes has been staying relatively quiet in the country world recently. She and husband Eddie Cibrian starred in a reality show, LeAnn & Eddie, but it was cancelled after just one season.

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