Artist: Laura Cantrell

Song: 'Kitty Wells Dresses'

(Listen to it below.)

Album: 'Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs of the Queen of Country Music'

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Sounds Like: Dolly Parton, Tift Meritt

In Her Words: "'Kitty Wells Dresses' was a term I used years ago when I was thrift shopping and would come across a certain kind of gingham-ruffled-square dance looking kind of dress that was a kind of uniform for women in country music in the early days, sweet looking, not particularly daring. When I was thinking about Kitty Wells' music and how it is underestimated these days, I thought of those dresses and how their intentionally sweet trappings covered the real power of the women who wore them and the importance of their music. That and my long love of Kitty Wells music inspired the song." Get a FREE download of 'Kitty Wells Dresses' here.