Laura Bell BundyLaura Bell Bundy made a big name for herself on Broadway before turning her sights fully on a country career, so it's no surprise that her debut album, 'Achin' And Shakin,'' includes some danceworthy tunes. One of those toe-tappers, 'Giddy On Up' -- the CD's first single, is a tongue-in-cheek, kissoff tune about a cheater. Laura explains that some of her musical influences reflected in the song are being misread.

"'Giddy On Up' is pretty witty," she tells "It has all the elements. It has the old country feel, the old soul feel, I can dance to it. I had an idea for the video right when I wrote this song. I had this really great idea for the dance section where I'm rapping; I am very influenced by Jerry Reed, so that little rap section is my Jerry Reed section. The fiddles are going crazy and there's picking going on, and then the talking above it. Some people say that's rap, and I say, 'No, no, no, that's Jerry Reed!' I kept thinking what I wanted to do was clogging meets hip hop."

Laura says she wanted to bring a little bit of that old school feel back to country. "I feel country used to be more about entertaining and less about singing. Granted, there wasn't always a lot of dance, but there's comedy, and there's a commitment to entertainment like with Minnie Pearl. I love that old school feel, and feel it is necessary to bring it back, but how do you do it in a modern way that is appealing to people in these times? That Jerry Reed section I couldn't help but dance to it when I heard it. It automatically labeled itself as a dance break."

Watch the 'Giddy On Up' video below.

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