Laura Bell BundyLaura Bell Bundy had a successful career as a Broadway star before moving to Nashville to become a country singer. Now, the performer is hoping she can make the two worlds collide as a producer.

"I'm working on a project that will be announced soon that's for Broadway," she revealed to Houston radio station KILT. "But it's to bring country music to Broadway. I'm trying to merge those worlds together. I think a lot of Broadway musical fans, they don't realize are from the South or from middle America. That's who comes to see Broadway shows in New York. It will be really cool, so I'm excited about it. I'm a producer of it as well."

She may be working on a new venture, but Laura Bell has no plans of leaving her blossoming country career. "I hope to make concerts that are as entertaining as Broadway shows, and I continue to make concept albums so they are conducive to doing that kind of a show," she adds.

Nominated for a CMT Award for her debut video, 'Giddy On Up,' the Tony-nominated actress hit the top five with her album, 'Achin' and Shakin.' You can read The Boot's interview with Laura Bell here.

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